Intricate Patterns and Designs Adult Coloring Book (Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns Coloring Books for Adults) (Volume 21)


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*Bonus* This coloring book comes with a free printable pdf version! When you are done with this coloring book, you can print out another to color again, free!

Relax with this coloring book for adults and grownups. You'll find detailed patterns including florals, intricate designs, even tribal inspired patterns. There are a wide variety of kinds of designs to color.

You'll also find that the designs vary in complexity, so you can choose a simpler design if you have less time or want something a little easier, and a more complex and advanced design when you are ready to focus and are feeling upbeat, inspired, and ready for a bit of a challenge.

Fill the patterns and designs on the pages of this coloring book with your pure creative potential and find yourself more vibrant, centered, and at peace.

Coloring is a creative, novel way for adults to relax and unwind from the busy pace of modern life. We invite you to be in the now and enjoy this moment of zen in living color.