Mandala Pattern Coloring Pages for Adults: Mandalas To Color (Mandala Patterns Coloring Book) (Volume 3)


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This is volume 3 in the Mandala Patterns coloring book for adults series. The 50 new elegant and detailed mandala pattern designs follow on from volumes 1 and 2, and have been created by using elements of mandalas, and repeating and weaving them into beautiful works of art, suitable for framing as prints. The unique and original designs are similar in style to decorative tiles or fabric prints.

Designs are printed on one side of the pages only, to give the best coloring experience.

Please enjoy letting your imagination run free as you color these stylish decorative patterns into your own unique works of art.

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Mandala Pattern Coloring Book for Adults Volume 3 Released Online

June, 2014 --- Mandala patterns are beautiful geometric creations that are found almost anywhere in the world. They showcase great works of balance, complexity and artistry. Because of the many interweaving circles, lines and shapes of the Mandala pattern, many have also used it for architectural designs, graphic work, and even as designs for crocheted fabrics.

In line with this, Richard Hargreaves, owner of Ironpower Publishing has released Mandala coloring books for adults that feature a wide variety of patterns that are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also fun to color in as artworks. As a matter of fact, Ironpower Publishing has recently announced the release of the third volume for their Mandala coloring pages with even more unique and intricate patterns to see and color.

Made available online through Amazon’s website, the pattern coloring book is meant for adults as each mandala pattern is printed on its own page and can later be framed or displayed as a personal artwork. Having said this, these Mandalas to color are also good for young adults and older children as it can also help develop their mind for creativity and help them understand complex patterns and designs apart from just being able to color. This gives individuals freedom to add in color however they desire without any limitations.

The Mandala coloring book volume 3 offer 50 new and wonderful patterns that are just as fun and entertaining to color in as the first two previous volumes. These new patterns resemble attractive tile designs, or prints on fabrics and they are even featured in stain glass creations and many building aesthetics.

The third volume draws from mandala patterns and through the use of weaving and repetitive patterns that work together to create a design that’s beautiful, unique and complex. By printing only one pattern on one side of a page, the book gives colorists the best coloring experience. Additionally, users can color in the patterns and frame them into their own works of art without sacrificing another pattern in the process. This also opens opportunities when it comes to using different coloring materials giving more depth and beauty to the piece.

According to Richard Hargreaves, “The Mandala pattern coloring pages for adults is a unique and wonderful way for people to express their creativity and love for patterns, art and coloring in general. The beauty of using mandala patterns as your coloring framework is that you are only limited by your imagination. Many individuals would purchase several of these pattern coloring pages just to be able to present different color variations and combinations on the same pattern.”

Whether you’re a coloring enthusiast who loves coloring books, or an adult who is into painting and creating unique artworks, Ironpower publishing’s Mandala coloring books is a great medium for creating stylish and personalized pieces of artworks.